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I am simply a fallen star, stripped of my powers and privileges, banished to your realm to spend the rest of my days amongst you humans.

Warning: This Bakura is a pathological liar, if you ask a question you may not be getting a true answer. For more info check the extra pages.

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When the Light Goes Out
thief-of-shadows asked: ❊ - Sorry I called you pretty.
  • ❊ — My muse gives yours some flowers.

For a moment the star held the flowers in his hands and attempted to set them alight. Unfortunately his powers were still out of his grasp, all that happened was the stems became slightly worm and he had stood motionless with flowers in hand for a few seconds too long.

"It was not the compliment to my admittedly outstanding appearance that warranted an apology."

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What would your character’s WAR CRY be? My character will rate how effective they think it would be.


1= I’ve heard kittens roar more viciously
10= You could take on an army with that one!

Roleplay Starters & Prompts

❂ -- It's incredibly hot outside and my muse is trying to persuade yours to go swimming together.
☁︎ -- A dream (or nightmare) about your muse.
❆ -- It's snowing and my muse slips on ice, accidentally crashing into your muse.
☯ -- My muse meets yours in a tranquil setting.
✆ -- A text message from my muse.
◎ -- It's raining and my muse finds yours outside completely drenched and crying.
☂ -- My muse encounters yours just as it starts to rain.
✑ -- Something my muse has written about your muse. ( Could be a letter, drawing, etc. )
↭ -- My muse is lost and stops to ask your muse for directions.
⌖ -- My muse's reaction to accidentally shooting your muse.
◌ -- Some of my muse's thoughts about your muse.
☉ -- My muse is undressing when your muse accidentally walks into the room.
✬ -- My muse conveys one of their wishes to you.
¤ -- In some turn of events, your muse ends up staying with mine.
❅ -- Our muses are trying to warm up after spending a day outside in the snow.
♪ -- My muse walks in on your muse singing to themselves.
❊ -- My muse gives yours some flowers.
❁ -- My muse's reaction to receiving a rose from your muse.
✧ -- A kiss from my muse to yours.
◎ -- My muse's reaction to being kissed by yours.
♡ -- A romantic gift from my muse.




"A century used to feel so long to me and now it goes by in a flash, don’t you find? Makes us both sound dreadfully old but it’s the truth of it." She sighed lazily, falling into a laugh; "what did Thief tell you about our goals exactly?"

"Why take this assignment then if you were in such a marvelous position?" It was a matter of interest rather than an accusation as she posed the question. "Quite an interesting choice. Sometimes I like to think about what manner of work I’ll take up when I retire. I think there’s something enchanting about becoming a pastry chef at this point."

She snorted. “Luckily for me he is stubbornly in love with me. It comes in handy as I’m sure you can imagine.”

"That it does. Though perhaps I should confess my youth before you are misled. I have not endured as many centuries as most who count themselves ancient, a little over two." He dipped his head, smiling ruefully. "He mostly spoke of the unworthiness of humans and the urget need for the world to be clensed.A rather cold opinion of one’s own people I thought.”

"It was not my place to agree or refuse. Among my people assignments are not chosen, they are allocated by administration officials. Personal opinion is largely irrelevant, especially for an assignment so far out of the usual route, and it would be especially unwise to make any show of dissent when Milady is involved.” He selected his words with meticulous care, knowing he needed to do no more to make the implications clear. ”A pastry chef. What sort of foods would that entail the production of?”

But this time he had to think quickly. It was certainly the sort of statement that could be used to uncover much of a conversation partners inclinations and he needed to be certain he choose his response correctly. “Is that so? You do not seem as- unreservedly pleased about that as I should imagine one the object of such loyal devotion should be.”

"Ah," she sighed appreciatively, "well two centuries is still quite a long life when compared to most creatures that crawl along the surface of this planet." She glanced over him absorbing not only what he said but how he said it; "sometimes you have to clean out the rabble if you’re ever going to get a job done, you know? It’s cold but it’s true."

Another nod, another sigh, and she understood. “Your Lady demands respect then, seems to work. Is she beloved by your kind for it? Or… merely…” she struggled briefly for the right word but ended up rolling her hand to fill the gap.

"Pies, tarts, scones, ice creams…desserts essentially." She answered, drifting back to something simpler or at least attempting to before talk of Thief steered them back into dark zones. "Oh don’t misunderstand me: I love my Thief. I could not ask him to do or be anything else than what he has already done for me. He’s a good chap, reliable, and being adored comes in handy."

"I suppose it is, yet apparently not when compared to most I have spoken to personally. I seem to have a tendency to take interest in those who turn out to be many millennia my elders. But if the rest are as unpleasant as you suggest perhaps I should be glad. I am quite aware of the need to remove those parts of society that have become poisonous to the whole. It is a common practice among my people, but something I believed humans generally disapproved of."

"She does indeed. She is our beloved creator and Mistress." He responds in the tone of one who is more than aware of the consequences of speaking otherwise but can only muster the least possible motivation to avoid them.

"Ah! Treats I have been unable to sample other than on rare occasion. Perhaps when you take up this career you shall remember the plights of those of us who do not consume dairy and I shall be able to indulge more often." He was tempted to pry a little further, but it would do no good for him to be hasty. He simple tilted his head down in acceptance. "I see. Then I can only say you are lucky to have each other, even among the mess this world is."



"Nothing particular, yet it is here that I am assigned. I have an extremely small apartment within the city that serves as my dwelling for now." The more Thief was willing to return to some semblance of polite conversation the softer Bakura chose to make the shards of ice in his tone. They had been small and petty insults, and his anger was more to punish Thief than out of any actual offence.

"Stars turn into nothing. We glow. Each star you see in the sky glows their own song, at their own temperature and very strict position for the duration of their duty. It takes a great deal of skill, effort and energy to do so." He wrinkled his nose, curling lip seeming worse due to the distortion from his scar. "Perhaps. Yet most in their ignorance have not yet seen fit to correct me on the existence of my own people and inform me I exist for no reason other than ‘to look pretty’. You are bold, if not particularly tactfully so."

"Do you have a job to do? A small apartment can’t be very spacious for your wings…" he mumbled. Not very concerned, but an observation.

"I don’t suppose it’s fun, standing somewhere or floating somewhere and burning for however many centuries. Sounds boring or painful."

"I’m told that… I don’t mind- I mean. I’m a no nonsense sort of person. How are people supposed to know how I feel unless I tell them? It doesn’t really matter if they care, even. It would be stupid to say things I don’t mean, unless I mean to deceive, and- I don’t. Even if I did, you don’t seem like the type of person to be deceived."

"I do. Believe me I would not put up with such unsuitable circumstances unless required. My small apartment is both a boon and a bane to me. I was at one time scheduled to have something in which I could have an iota of comfort, but sadly such things rarely come to be."

"It is what we do, we find our own joy in our songs. And we do have time off, of course. It was a far more rewarding career than any I have found on earth, but perhaps you would say the same in response to living among my people." He moved his wings in what was meant to be a shrug. "You could keep your feelings to your self, when they are unnecessary to add. It is not about deception, it is simply about respect."

wingsofthechanged asked: *flys up to very ungraceful like* "Heya, Star!"




"Kura, my dear." He purrs, turning on the wind then locking both in place so he may divert full attention to the young girl.

"It has been far too long, have you been alright? I had hoped to hear from you far earlier than this."

“Do not apologise to me. You shortcomings are a result of the actions of others if your explanations are correct, not yourself. Now you have no obstacles and there is no reason you should not learn the finer things. By powered flight I refer to a high rate of flapping to provide thrust, rather than soaring or gliding. My wings are suited for gliding, but I suspect yours are more capable of power.” He flew as close to her as possible without crowding her out of the air.

“Let us start with different forms of flight then. Cities are a breeding sector for thermals and updrafts, you will show me your ability to soar on the air currents. This way.” He dropped below her the wheeled around, navigating through the wind to find the rising gust of air that swirled up over roads and beside buildings.

"R-Right." She nodded. "It’s true though… I hate what they did but I can’t help but be a little… okay with it? I’d hate to be like a normal human." The words didn’t linger as she listened to what the star was telling her. "Oh! Yeah, I was made for power and speed if I remember over hearing some people correctly.’ She spoke as he flew close to her.

She watched Bakura as he moved so easily with the wind and drafts. She couldn’t imagine being able to even be a bit that graceful. Still she needed to try, the star was taking valuble time from his day to help her. Kura attempted to copy as he did, faltering slightly every few seconds,but her focus was completly on her task.

"It was a violation. An act of aggression and degradation to you as a person. The benefits you appear to have gained from it are simply the universe repaying its debt to you for the atrocity. It has set things right. That is more that alright to enjoy. For your trials you have been elevated." He nodded, his face full of passion and righteous vigour.

"Yes, it can be seen in the differing shape. Shorter and sharper than my own." Once he reached the rising columns of hair he turned to watch her approach. "Yes. You see, updrafts such as these carry you. You need not expend so much energy simply staying aloft. Now perhaps show me a simple circle. You have talent, dear Kura. You simply must find it. Again, feel the air support you."

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A Chance Encounter



She appeared to be addressing the human only, but Bakura took whatever opportunity he could. He moved forward, wings lifting to allow her some respite as well, and he took her hand to kiss the knuckles. “We shall both be most grateful of a quick rescue from this horrid forest and deliverance to the bowls of a warm home. Bless you, m’lady. Come Doctor.”

He propelled the others towards the carriage, his dislike of enclosed spaces absent in the face of his dislike of the cold and wet. His fingers were already blue and going numb, and the moment he was in the carriage he had them in his mouth for a semblance of warmth. Feathers dripped over the floor and seats as he crouched, wings rendering him unable to sit.

Anzu’s cheeks became dusted pink as Bakura pressed his lips to her knuckles and she couldn’t help but let out a giggle. She shook her head and said, ” No problem handsome stranger. Now, let’s get back to the manor!”

She hopped on the top of the carriage and pulled on the horses’ reigns. The horses immediately took off, galloping through the snowbanks, sending flurries everywhere as they made a mad dash towards home. Anzu could be heard giving out excited yells as she clearly enjoyed the roughness of the ride and treated it like some sort of adventure. She called to the two in the carriage as Jekyll clung to the padded seat for dear life, ” Hold on you two it’s going to be a bumpy ride! Yeehah~!”

The entire journey already promised to be the height of unpleasantness to the rather miserable star, and the speed of travel in the enclosed space unbalanced him. Automatically this wings shot out, spreading for balance, which of course made the compartment rather cramped for the both of them. “… She is your servant. Are you going to do nothing to curb her?”

kingofhellryou asked: *ancient muse has decided to be a complete dork and come out for five seconds swipe his index finger down Star's back and quickly disappear before he is seen*




*darts around, feathers bristling in disgust. His eyes narrow sharply when he perceives nothing* Creature it would be in your best interest to reveal yourself to me.


With a very light snort of laughter, Bakura used the hand he held to lean forward and press his forehead to Ryou’s and hold the pose for a breath or two. One of his wings even curled around the man warmly before he rushed Ryou away and brushed himself off as though the show of affection had dirtied him. “I am no longer entangled in a romantic relationship, I have a job legally accepted by the humans, and things have been rather quiet as most of my acquaintances followed your lead and dispersed. The solitude has been … nice.”

Ryou froze up at the sign of affection, completely frozen… he didn’t even mimic breathing, like he should to blend in better. His expression was blank and a bit of panic belt up in him. On the other hand he almost wish he could get a picture of this in case Kura ever came back so he could rub it in the man’s face. As soon as it happened it was over though and he decided to play it cool smirked.

"Aww, I never knew you could be so cute and affectionate!" he laughed a bit, and listen to what the other had said- although he had a slight gut feeling of being hit for this comment. "Hmm well, I guess that kinda of good? I mean you said it’s been nice… but, I guess it would suck somewhat too.. well it’s good you have a job…"

All softness left his movements and he shoved Ryou away. Considering his lack of physical strength it was a gesture in vain, but an important one to make nonetheless. “Do not become misty-eyed. It is a common gesture of respect among my people.” He fluffed his wings as though aggravated by the assumption and shifted his gaze away.

"Nice is several aspects. Unfortunate in others, you are quite correct. The job is not without it’s issues but I have made acceptable allies out of the other workers. Not to mention I now have access to vast hoards of information about humans and their history at my fingertips. I am employed in a library."

starbrightbakura asked: No? My mistake, I simply assumed due to the mention of dating. I suppose it must still be early weeks for the two of you, in which case the wooing through favoured delicacies is no small matter to be sacrificed. Still, one would not go amiss. Join me Atem.




Atem’s hand scrubbed over his face. When put like that he supposed it did seem like wooing, but that was hardly the case. Atem just had this ridiculous gift card someone had given him and he noticed Figis apparently sold bacon wrapped steaks. It was hardly a planned out gesture to secure Thief’s favor. He nodded to Bakura. “Very well. I’ll cook us up some.” He said moving to the freezer and pulling out the steaks to run them under water to thaw.

"Animated? Ah, the moving caricature drawings used in shows for children? I have seen those, rather good. Not in movie form though. You should certainly make such a grand introduction to me. You do not mind children do you Atem? Only, I am afraid I would not be comfortable with leaving my son alone at his age."

He was tempted to flap his wings to move up closer to the books on higher shelves, but had the feeling it would not make the sort of impression he was after. He simply nodded in satisfaction. “Of course it does. Organisation is a balm to the soul among a world of fiery chaos. I was the high assistant to the Record Keeper, you know. You have done an excellent job. Now- shall we move on? I worry the food shall suffer if we squander our time.”

He nodded. “Yes,but Disney is on a level all it’s own.” He assured the other. “I am looking forward to it. Ah…children?” He asked trying not to look terrified. Atem was an only child, Atem really had no idea what to do with children, though he didn’t MIND them per se. “I believe it wouldn’t be an issue at all. I look forward to meeting your son.” 

He nodded. “Yes exactly I am glad I have found someone who understands though it was a tedious task, I find the time spent was indeed well worth it.” He said with a satisfied smile. “There is not much else to see. The bedroom and the bathroom, but they are of little consequence.” 

The look on Atem’s face would have been clear enough to a blind man, let alone one who took pride in their ability to read body language. Bakura smiled. “Have no fear Atem. Ammon is a shy boy, who is not prone to created messes or throwing tantrums. In face he may not see fit to speak to you at all. He enjoys movies as much as I.” He nodded, quite happy at his successful suggestion.

"Oh, certainly. And is it not true that any effort entered in such an endeavour is returned threefold in the pleasure at the results?" With one last swipe of his slim fingers over a few spines he turned to Atem, wings slightly hunched and raised to surreptitiously usher him back the way they had come. "Then we shall make the food out next destination, yes?"